Zero Emissions Driving Has Never Been This Cool: Meet The Cirin

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Zero Emissions Driving Has Never Been This Cool: Meet The Cirin

Well, it’s not exactly the sort of car you would come to for, but hey, this one has us all salivating on this Friday evening. Meet The Cirin: a 3D printed, rubber-band-powered, RC car.

Apart from having a chassis that’s pretty amazeb*lls to look at, its rubber-band power makes it go without having to plug in to a wall for an hour’s charge every 15 minutes or so, or waste expensive nitro running it: just wind it up, and you’re off.

There are batteries in this thing, but it’s plainly to power the two servos (brakes, steering) and WiFi connectivity, but drive is completely of a spinning shaft in the center, driven by the elasticity of a 16-foot long rubber band contained within the carbon fibre tube. And no, you don’t have to wind it up manually – it’s a matter of a power tool to do the job, and you’ll get a range of “500 feet,” so claims If our maths are any good, over a 50-foot circuit, that’s a solid 10 laps!

Because of the lightweight construction, it’s also quick: its top speed nears 50km/h!

In short, we want one. So to the makers, Max Greenberg, Ian Cullimore, could you be so kind as to make this available for sale? We’d be quite happy to ship a couple of pieces over, as we’re sure many others will.

Gallery: The Cirin Radio Controlled Car

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