Holden Commodore Clips Truck And Crashes

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Holden Commodore Clips Truck And Crashes

Weaving in and out of traffic generally won't end well, as demonstrated by the driver of this Holden Commodore.

According to the video description on YouTube, eye witness said that the driver was weaving in between traffic before he clipped the front end of a truck and crashed spectarcularly into the road barrier.

Damage sustained by the Commodore is nothing short of major, likely to end up as an insurance write-off, judging from video footage. Thankfully, the out of control Holden did not hit any other vehicles or pedestrians.

The driver of the truck said, "Witnesses said he was weaving in and out of traffic for a while.. he was undertaking everyone and then when he came to overtake me, he got sideways and smashed into my front steerer and bullbar. Roe Highway going over Orrong Rd."

Seeing that there was no mention of the driver's condition, it is safe to assume that he survived, and hopefully he has learnt his lesson. 

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