5-Year Old Boy Killed In Accident Near Seremban

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5-Year Old Boy Killed In Accident Near Seremban

An accident which involved a few cars and a bus caused the death of a five year old boy. The accident occured on Monday evening near the Seremban rest stop.

The boy, identified as Muhammad Wafiq Fitri Walilah was killed on the spot. The rest of his family, including his father, mother and younger sister suffered serious injuries. His younger sister was sitting on her mother's lap. The kids were not secured with child seats.

"Initial investigations revealed that the accident occurred when a bus that was heading to Nilai from Seremban skidded and hit the rear of a Honda MPV which was moving slowly because of heavy traffic. A Toyota MPV which was earlier in front of the bus diverted into the left lane but was hit in the rear by a car on the left lane,"Negeri Sembilan traffic staff officer ASP Mohd Hafidzal Zainal Abidin.

We've reported before that child seats are a must for kids when travelling in cars. No matter how strong a parent think they are, the sudden deceleration of a vehicle can hurl a child towards the windscreen with forces of up to 4G. 

Many modern cars are fitted with ISOFIX anchor points, which is designed for child seats in mind. We teamed up with Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Malaysia to show readers the correct way to install child seats. For more info on how to set up your child seat, read here

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