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Honda Brings the Civic Type R to a Bunch of American Tuners

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Honda Brings the Civic Type R to a Bunch of American Tuners

Honda is going in a fairly radical direction with their new sedan Civic Type R, but one thing that they are finally acknowledging is the massive aftermarket support for their products. The Civic Type R has always been an excellent platform for tuners to build upon, and the Type R engines are frequently swapped into other chassis for some rather interesting projects. Therefore it's a little fitting that Honda is previewing the American Civic Type R to a group of world-renowned tuners before it comes to market. Bisimoto is among them, as you would expect.

While the new Civic Type R may look as radical as its European hatchback sister, this may be a good thing- perhaps for once the looks will match the exorbitant price of aftermarket components. Anybody who has studied the various Type R-specific powertrains and components will know just how well built they come from factory, built to within an inch of their life without compromising day to day driveability. This also means that to push performance any further requires far more than most platforms. 

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