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Honda HR-V Records 7,000 Bookings Since Launch, Hits New Record

Gerard March 5, 2015 15:25

Honda Malaysia launched the all-new HR-V not too long ago to much fanfare from the public. So much so that they have managed to receive more than 7,000 bookings in one month for the compact SUV, a new benchmark in the SUV segment for Honda Malaysia.

The most popular variant with 65% of the total units booked was the top-spec V variant followed by the E and S variants with 20% and 15% respectively.

Due to the high number of bookings, this has led to a four month waiting period for the HR-V but Honda Malaysia is currently reviewing its production scheduling at their plant in Pegoh, Malacca to meet the demand and apologise for the delay in delivery to customers. A new waiting period will be announced once the revised production plan has been finalised.

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