Honda Plant Forcing Accountants To Assemble Cars

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Honda Plant Forcing Accountants To Assemble Cars

What do you do when you have a worker shortage on the assembly line due to COVID-19? You force your employees in accounting, purchasing, and research and development to begin assembling vehicles. 

Well, at least that is what a Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio did. 

Assembly line workers had some new co-workers working the assembly line. In an e-mail obtained by WOSU, a general manager at the plant asked employees in accounting, purchasing and research and development to work the factory floor. 

It initially begin as a volunteer request but not long after became a mandatory exercise. 

"Regardless of whether or not you wanted to, you could be subject to it," an employee said. "They took volunteers first, but my understanding was they didn’t receive many volunteers for this activity, so then they made it mandatory." added said employee, who spoke with WOSU anonymously out of fear of losing his job.

All three departments were required to provide a certain number of employees to make up the shortfall on the floor. A Honda spokesperson confirmed the initiative and also added that Honda has done something similar before. 

On the off chance that you may have family and friends in Ohio who might have recently ordered a new Honda, please advise them to be extra careful when collecting their vehicles. 

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