How To Export A Vehicle Into Malaysia With AP?


How To Export A Vehicle Into Malaysia With AP?

How do you export a vehicle into Malaysia with an AP? We list down how to do it! 

So, you have all the necessary paperwork and have put aside funds for tax and duties - which means you're about 50% ready to export your vehicle back to Malaysia with you AP. 

The other 50% is about physically getting your car here, which means it's time to look for companies to handle the shipment.

Vehicle exporting agent

vehicle export agent

First of all, you should find a car export agent who is familiar with AP regulations and the Malaysian import system to facilitate all related matters. You can usually find them through Malaysian communities abroad, which can provide good recommendations on which agents you can trust.

An experienced agent who has handled AP imports before, familiar with Malaysia's export-import procedure will likely get things done more accurately and quickly.

Sending the vehicle to the port

Car port warehouse

Once you've identified an agent to handle your AP import and have gone through the necessary payment and paperwork, it's time to drop off your car at the designated port warehouse, where it will be stored till the day it is ready to be shipped back to Malaysia. 

The agent will set the vehicle's delivery date at the port warehouse before sailing to Malaysia.

As soon as you have dropped off your vehicle, it's a good idea to inspect and take photos of the vehicle for reference in case anything happens to the vehicle later on. Good shipping companies will probably ask you to do so anyway. Make sure to have copies of your AP documentation plus all other documents safely stored someplace. 

This is where you will see your vehicle for the last time in at least two months, as it will be at sea sailing to Malaysia.

What happens when the vehicle arrives in Malaysia?

Kastam Port Klang

When your vehicle arrives, your agent will handle all the AP paperwork with the Malaysian authorities. The next phone call you get from your agent will be painful, as they will inform you how much taxes and duties you will have to pay.

Once payment is made, the car will be released from customs, where your agent will take it through Puspakom, to get it certified and road legal. After that, the rest is as usual, as you will have to pay insurance and road tax to complete the legal journey. 

Finally, a good agent will usually deliver the car straight to your home and your new number plates already placed on your car. AP process done! 

Word of caution! 

Car import Malaysia

Our word of advice is to keep some extra funds around as you never know how much you will have to pay when it comes to taxes and duties as the final AP calculation only happens when your vehicle is at the port in Malaysia. 

Don't just have the exact amount needed to pay as you never know what's going to happen. You might not need it, but it's good to have some extra on standby nevertheless. 

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