How To Put Your Car To Sleep For Two Weeks


How To Put Your Car To Sleep For Two Weeks

The necessary restricted movement action by the government for Malaysia and her inhabitants has arrived, and apart from preparing food for the next two weeks, we must also prepare our vehicles for two weeks of downtime.

Yes, it may seem trivial to think of this while there are other things to think of, but if you love your vehicle as much as we do, then here are some things that you can do to help your vehicle stay in top condition while it sleeps for two weeks.


Wash and wax your car

If you don't clean your car's exterior, the paint will be contaminated, and in the span of two weeks, it may get corroded and turn into rust.


Clean and vacuum interior 

Once again, cleanliness is essential if your car will be sitting static for a while and if you leave dirt and debris in the interior which will be sitting for a set amount of time, it can cause irreversible damage. This is especially so for those who will have their car baking in the sun.


Battery care

If you do not plan to use your car at all in these two weeks, your battery might get drained. To stay safe, disconnect your battery. This is essential for older vehicles as they are not as efficient as newer cars. 


Fill it to the brim

A full tank of fuel means there is less room for condensation and moisture is definitely not supposed to be in a fuel system. If possible, also fill up other essential fluids like power steering and brake fluids to the brim.


Disengage Parking brake

This is something that will catch most people off guard. If your vehicle is sitting still for an extended period and your parking brake is engaged, the brake pads can rust to the rotors/drum, causing a bonding effect which will seize your wheel. Instead, leave the transmission in Park and use blocks or bricks behind/ in front of tyres to inhibit it from moving.  

So there you have it, a few tips to put your car to sleep safely. 









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