Hyundai Introduces Its First Centre Side Airbag

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Hyundai Introduces Its First Centre Side Airbag

Hyundai Motor Group has introduced its first center side airbag which works to separate the space between driver and passenger in the event of a collision. Hyundai plans to roll out the airbag system in upcoming vehicles.

The airbag deploys (from within the seat) into the space between the driver and passenger seats to prevent front-row passengers from colliding with each other – thereby minimising the risk of head injury caused by passengers colliding with each other by up to 80 percent.

Using patented technology, Hyundai has developed one of the lightest center side airbags in the world (about 500g lighter than the competing airbags), using an internal tether component that allows the airbag to maintain its form and withstand the passenger’s weight. The relatively small size of the airbag component also means Hyundai designers and engineers more flexibility in the type of seat design they create for future products.

The airbags will further prove its benefits once upcoming Euro NCAP standards expand to include side-impact safety inside the cabin, due sometime in 2020.

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