Juwita Holds First Motorsports Seminar For Budding Female Racecar Drivers

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Juwita Holds First Motorsports Seminar For Budding Female Racecar Drivers

Getting into motorsports can be difficult for most people, especially if you don't even know where to start - and that's just at the grassroots level. Going up to higher forms of motorsports requires more money, more manpower, and inevitably some form of sponsorship. Talent alone isn't enough to get you far or sustain you in this highly challenging and competitive world, so Juwita took it upon themselves to hold a seminar for budding female racers.

For those who haven't heard of them, Juwita is an all-women's motorsports club. Started last year by a group of top-tier female racing drivers, it has grown into a 36 member strong group that consists of both rookies and active motorsports competitors, as well as women who are involved in various other motorsport related jobs. 

Their first seminar was held over last weekend, with a number of speakers from different motorsport disciplines offering their insights on various topics and explaining the ins and outs of their particular fields. More important than that was a detailed breakdown of various track rules and regulations, along with the steps needed to obtain a proper racing license from AAM or MAM, and the necessary equipment that will need to be purchased.

Even picking which particular motorsport discipline to enter is a tough choice, which is why Juwita made available a range of drivers from various disciplines to explain and elaborate the differences and challenges one would face. From Ng Aik Sha's extensive experience with autocross (and she represents Malaysia in international competition), or Gina Finanza's long and eventful rally career, participants got a deep insight as to what it would take to compete.

With many more events planned for the year, even culminating in a sponsored seat for one round of the renowned Saga Cup race, Juwita hopes to see more women entering the field of motorsports - whether that comes in the form of a racing driver, a motorsport photographer, a team manager, or one of the many other roles that are available to take up. When we speak of motorsports being a male dominated industry, it is definitely not something by choice and women are more than welcome - but like anyone, it helps a great deal to know where to start.

To find out more about Juwita or contact them, check out their Facebook page here!




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