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'King Myvi' gets cornered by a restaurant

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'King Myvi' gets cornered by a restaurant

Photos of a Perodua Myvi parked in front of a restaurant in Chow Kit have gone viral after it was 'surrounded' by the nearby restaurant.

What seems to be a legit carpark for vehicles has been turned into a makeshift seating area for the nearby restaurants using popup tents and plastic furniture, which led to the Perodua Myvi being unable to move out of the parking spot without causing unwanted damages.

Scratches & damages found on the car

We're probably guessing that the carpark in the area was meant to occupy the population staying in the vicinity but somehow, the food establishments in the area decided to cater to its growing customers at night by expanding their premises onto the parking bays in front of their shops.

Another Tweet showcasing the WhatsApp conversation between the owners of the Perodua Mvvi and the restaurant stated that the car has been damaged due to the restaurant owner's actions, but like most situations, the alleged culprit seems unfazed by the Myvi owner's threat to take things to court.

Is this legal?

perodua myvi restaurant kedai makan chow kit*Image credit: Isu Semasa Viral Twitter

There have been many instances in the past where the authorities and city councils have taken action against those who operate their businesses on sidewalks and parking bays. There are ways around it like reserving the parking spots for its customers during business hours by paying a certain amount and marking the bays in red, but businesses who take it to the streets (literally) can be taken action against.

For now, it's bad news for the Perodua Myvi owner thanks to all the alleged damages, but the power of the internet and going viral definitely has its perks, and we have a strong suspicion that the authorities will indeed do something about it in the near future.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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