KLIMS 2018: Honda Jazz Mugen Concept Previewed

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KLIMS 2018: Honda Jazz Mugen Concept Previewed

Honda has previewed the Jazz Mugen Concept, alongside its larger sibling the CR-V Mugen Concept at the ongoing KLIMS 2018 motor show.

But, unlike the CR-V, the Jazz Mugen Concept seems to have undergone a more comprehensive styling transformation, chief of which, is the fitment of the Mugen Aero front bumper, side sill garnishes, Mugen rear spoiler, and rear skirt. 

The Mugen Concept also wears 17-inch alloys wrapped in 205/45/ R17 tyres. A gloss black Mugen front grille completes the suite of styling enhancements.

This Mugen kit is sold as an optional accessory in other markets such as New Zealand. It remains to be seen if Honda Malaysia will offer the kit locally, there are currently no plans. This is the second time Honda Malaysia has previewed a Mugen version of the Jazz hatchback, having previously teased the Jazz 1.5 Hybrid Mugen last year.

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