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LEAKED: Production Version Of Suzuki iM-4 Revealed Through Patent Images

Gerard August 26, 2015 10:00

Back in March earlier this year, Suzuki unveiled its iM-4 Concept at the Geneva Motor Show but now, a production variant of the iM-4 appears to be confirmed thanks to these patent images uploaded by AlVolante.it.

Styling changes from the Suzuki concept are very much apparent on the production variant, starting with the smaller rims, normal side mirrors, and more conventional door handles. It’s impossible to tell if the funky-looking headlamps from the concept will make their way into the production car from the patent images though.

However, the iM-4 will not be a replacement for the Suzuki Jimny as we originally thought due to the huge difference in wheelbase length – iM-4’s measures 2,438mm whereas the current Jimny’s is 2,250mm. The current Suzuki Swift with its wheelbase of 2,430mm comes close to the iM-4, meaning it could be a more rugged Swift?

The iM-4 will most likely get a new name as well what with Suzuki’s other concept, the iK-2, receiving the name ‘Baleno’ recently.

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