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The Lesen Terbang Scam Is Openly Being Advertised On Social Media


The Lesen Terbang Scam Is Openly Being Advertised On Social Media

'Lesen terbang' openly being sold on social media is another scam to be aware of! 

Syndicates that offer 'lesen terbang' are nothing new, but syndicates that openly advertise the availability of 'lesen terbang' on social media are.

This new age tactic has caught the attention of Bukit Aman, having received numerous complaints about the scam.

Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) deputy director Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din

According to Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) Deputy Director Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din, his team has received nine complaints regarding the scam. 

"Seven reports were received in Penang and two cases in Kelantan involving a total loss of RM17,080," said Md Din.

The syndicates offer driving licenses with prices ranging from RM580 to RM5,000, according to the CCID. Their investigation has also led to the insight that the syndicate offers driving licenses without the individual having to attend any tests.

Lesen terbang Malaysia

The CCID Deputy Director reminded the public to always be vigilant when doing business through the internet or social media sites by checking bank account numbers and telephone numbers at

Md Din also urged Malaysians to get their driving licenses through proper channels and not use shortcuts as people's lives are at stake. 

As part of our invetigation, we tried to contact one of these 'lesen terbang' scams to see what their modus operandi is like. 

It is easily searchable on social media, so we gave it a shot! 

Once you have found it, they will lead you to a phone number where they will then Whatsapp you some details. 

Lesen terbang social media malaysia

According to the pre-scripted message they sent us, you will not have to attend any driving tests, and the license is completely 100% passable if you ever face enforcement agencies - for example, at roadblocks or if you get pulled over

The information given also mentioned that JPJ officers sign off the licenses, and you will get them posted to your designated address once you pay in full. It even says that the license can be renewed at JPJ branches and post offices. 

Lesen Terbang Social Media Malaysia

While the offering might be tempting, the biggest problem with this scam is that you will never really receive anything once you pay in full. Don't be fooled that you will actually get some sort of physical license, as most syndicates just take your money and disappear. 

Just like what Md Din said, we urge the public to get their license through the proper channels, as the training provided by academies can be the difference between life and death or knowing how to react in an emergency. 


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