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Luckiest man gets squashed by 2 lorries but walks away with almost unscathed

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Luckiest man gets squashed by 2 lorries but walks away with almost unscathed

This man has to be the luckiest man on earth as he survived an accident where two semi-trucks squashed his truck beyond recognition.

When it's not your time to leave earth, it's just not your time, and even a couple of lorries smashing your car to a pulp can't stop that.

This is of course in relation to the accident which took place in Oregon recently, where Kaleb Whitby was lucky enough to survive "semi-trucks flattening his Chevy Silverado like a panini press."

Oregon accident, Kaleb Picture credit: Oregonlive

While motorway accidents are not few and far between, the picture of Kaleb stuck in his car after the accident really says it all about how sometimes, your time is just not up yet.

According to, more than 100 people were involved in a pileup on Interstate 84, about 16 kilometres east of Baker City. The daily reported that black ice, heavy winds, fog and cold weather combined caused the pileup.

Oregon State Police Sgt. Kyle Hove said "I think we're fortunate that there weren't any fatalities here," and his comments are especially true when you see how Kaleb survived the tragedy.

According to the report, Kaleb and his Silverado headed up a slight hill into a curve where he initially decided to pass a semi-truck in front of him, but then thought better of it. The fog was too thick he said, so he backed off.

Chevy Silverado, Kaleb WhitbyPicture credit: Oregonlive

When he rounded the curve and started descending, Kaleb saw the semi-truck again -- but this time, it was jackknifed across the interstate. He swerved to the right, but ended up hitting the back end of the trailer. It flipped him around, leaving him disorientated with his passenger side facing oncoming traffic.

Next thing you know, the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck started to fill up his window frame, Kaleb said "I just braced and hoped that everything would be all right."

He prayed, and wondered if it was his time.

It wasn't; fortunately, somehow, Kaleb had survived the collision. Kaleb opened his eyes to the sight of shattered glass and that the steering column was lodged in his right hip. He was upright again and still in the driver's seat. 

Kaleb Whitby, oregonPicture credit: oregonlive

While this sounds like something minor, the picture of Kaleb stuck in his squashed Silverado proved to be something short of a miracle because somehow, the squashed metal was in perfect shape to keep Kaleb alive.

Not only was Kaleb alive, but after being sent to the hospital for a checkup, Kaleb only needed two band-aids on his right ring finger, proving that even when a couple of trucks tries to squash you, if your time is not up, it's just not your time to leave earth.

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