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Maxx 'N Go Teams Up With Go Exim in Southeast Asia

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Maxx 'N Go Teams Up With Go Exim in Southeast Asia

For those who haven't been following Maxx 'N Go, it's essentially a mobile app that offers users the ability to book mobile on-site service for their cars. It's seen a fair amount of success within Malaysia, expanding their network across multiple states and affording a wealth of convenience to car owners who don't have the time or means to visit a workshop and get their car serviced.

The app itself is fairly extensive in its functionality, including service reminders for owners to make keeping track of their car's service schedules a breeze. But Maxx 'N Go has decided to go to the next step in teaming up with Go Exim, the exclusive authorized distributor for Haval in Southeast Asia, and Borgward in Malaysia. The main aim of this partnership is to improve the ownership experience by saving time and adding convenience to existing owners, as well as future potential owners.

The partnership will look to Maxx 'N Go expanding their service range to countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand as well. When service and repairs are carried out, only original parts and lubricants as well as standard procedures from Haval and Borgward be used, which in turn ensures the warranty of owners stays intact - as scheduled servicing is a big part of warranty contracts. 

The Maxx 'N Go mobile car care application will also automatically update a car's service records and information in the system which allows for accurate information and no risk of discrepancy. In addition to this new partnership, Maxx 'N Go has also reached a regional strategy partnership with China's Bean Capital at the end of last year, which takes advantage of blockchain technology to strreamline automotive after-sales services and improve data analysis as well as after-market services.


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