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Mazda Teases Spyder And Speedster MX-5 Concepts Ahead Of SEMA

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Mazda Teases Spyder And Speedster MX-5 Concepts Ahead Of SEMA

Coming to the SEMA show in Las Vegas next week are two new concepts by Mazda based on their 2015 MX-5. They’ve only teased a picture showing top views of each car, and only half is visible at that. But at least there’s enough light to make out some key details. 

One is labeled ‘Speedster’, and the other ‘Spyder’. Of course, light weight is main focus and something the MX-5 won’t lose even when used as a base for a concept. And both concepts, Mazda say, will be significantly lighter than the MX-5 roadster found in showrooms.

The Speedster concept looks to take away the windshield altogether and in its place is a small wind deflector, apparently. But we can’t quite tell from this angle. It could be more suited for track work, hence the driver’s helmet and futuristic racing overalls.

The Spyder is a more traditional take on the MX-5 formula, albeit with a more vintage flair. It has a Mercury Silver paint finish with a mocha brown roof that hides a bespoke handcrafted leather interior.

While it’d be interesting to see Mazda play around with variations on the MX-5, we have some reservations about whether these concepts would go anything beyond show floor experiments. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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