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Men In Black Goes International, Features Lexus RC-F

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Men In Black Goes International, Features Lexus RC-F

It looks like the next instalment of the Men In Black (MIB) franchise sees it getting a complete revamp, with a mostly new cast featuring industry greats such as Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson. It's also based in London, which is a nice departure from New York as the previous movies were set in.

This is the post-Deadpool era, which means most action movies will have a good mix of humour and soberness, with an added dose of subversion. MIB has traditionally managed to tick the boxes for humour, so perhaps this instalment will be a little more mature (relative to previous iterations). 

But for us car fans, the highlight may be the Lexus RC-F which features prominently towards the end of the trailer. It replaces the classic American vehicles that MIB agents have traditionally employed, and falls in nicely with Lexus' widespread injection of products into most major movies in theatres.

This RC-F seems to replace it's touch sensitive pad with the "red button" that rockets the car to ludicrous speeds, as the button has done in previous vehicles. It's definitely a sleeker, sharper option for MIB agents to get around in, and far less conspicuous than big old American metal.

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