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Mercedes-Benz Automated Valet Parking is the Future

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Mercedes-Benz Automated Valet Parking is the Future

Well, it looks like Bosch and Daimler have finally done it. The solution to all our parking problems is here- at least in proof of concept form. It's the Automated Valet Parking and it's available at Daimler's multi-storey car park in their museum in Stuttgart. Through a smartphone app, owners can get the car to park itself autonomously while they carry on with their activities.

Through the use of sensors in both the car and the parking structure, the onboard systems can navigate a car park to an empty parking space without hte need for human oversight. The system is the first step towards a full working automated parking infrastructure that may eventually be rolled out nationally, regionally, or globally. This is perhaps the second most desired part of autonomous driving, after intelligent cruise control for traffic jams. 

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