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Michelin Safe on The Road Campaign Begins Today – Get Your Tyres Checked!

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Michelin Safe on The Road Campaign Begins Today – Get Your Tyres Checked!

As the festive season approaches, many drivers will begin their respective journeys back to their home towns. With such great distances to cover, having your car in its best shape is especially important to keep the journey smooth – and one of the most important parts of your car is your tyres.

Given the amount of rain we’ve been facing in the last few weeks, the condition of your tyres is especially important. Worn tyres can be extremely dangerous, more so when the roads are wet or when facing standing water. As part of its commitment to mobility safety in Malaysia, Michelin has launched their annual road safety campaign: Michelin Safe on The Road (MSoR).

Last year’s campaign saw Michelin conducting 1,100 tyre checks across 26 locations nationwide. This year, Michelin has partnered up with Aeon Big in addition to their long-standing partners, Petron and Tesco, in order to expand to more locations both in the North and South of Peninsular Malaysia.

The touring campaign aims to educate motorists on how to prolong the lifespan of their tyres, whether that’s through wheel alignment or maintaining better tyre pressures – all done within the air-conditioned confines of their touring Michelin Truck. Tyre condition assessments are free – they will be checking both pressure, tread wear, and overall condition of the tyres on motorists’ vehicles.

With accidents on the rise every year, it is important for motorists to understand how to avoid becoming a part of the statistic themselves. Reckless driving is one part of the equation, but tyre condition is another large component and has an adverse effect on the risks involved. Knowing how to take care of your tyres and effectively evaluate them periodically is an important part of any motorist’s skillset.

The campaign will travel throughout Peninsular Malaysia from the 3rd to 29th of May, stopping in various regions for a couple of days and setting up shop for the free tyre condition assessments. Motorists who sped in a Michelin Expert Centre will also receive car service vouchers and a free Petron card worth RM 50.

Catch the Michelin Safe on the Road Truck Roadshow at the various locations and dates below, from 11 am to 8 pm:

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