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Mitsubishi Challenged Toyota And Volkswagen To A Drag Race

Bobby Ang October 14, 2015 23:07

Mitsubishi claims that the new Triton has the best-in-class performance, turning circle and many class leading attributes. It should be noted that the European market Triton uses a different, 2.4-litre aluminium block 4N15 diesel engine but this engine is not available in Malaysia as it is not compatible with our Euro 2M grade diesel (Euro 5 diesel is only available in some locations in Peninsular Malaysia).

So can a 2.4 litre L200 (Triton) beat a 2.0 litre Amarok and the 'Invincible' 3.0 litre Hilux? We're not sure if this video was made in collaboration with the main subject car likewise one of our prior video, but we have one below where we went 'Off The Trails' with the Triton. 

2015 Mitsubishi Triton Global Debut Gallery

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