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More Perodua Ativa Hybrids available soon?

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More Perodua Ativa Hybrids available soon?

The 2023 Perodua Outlook press conference was full of interesting announcements, and one of the things that we picked up is the potential of more Ativa hybrids hitting the market through subscription and possibly traditional sales.

Perodua has allocated RM1.15 billion in capital expenditure this year to improve its group operations, said Dato Sri Zainal, Perodua President and Chief Executive officer.

Among the key areas of improvement for 2023 include their new business divisions, where Perodua will be expanding its Pre-Owned Vehicle(POV) and subscription business, especially after the positive response from the public post-Ativa Hybrid launch in September 2022.

2023 perodua ativa hybrid price specs malaysia

Not only is this a clear sign that Perodua is happy with the response from the subscriptions of Ativa Hybrids, but they also feel that they can sell the vehicle outright later on.

"We have also allocated RM537.1 million on the development of a new model, as well as RM247.1 million to further modernise our operations," said Dato Zainal.

During the press conference, the Perodua President also said they are trying to look out, help and support vendors when it comes to future HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and BEV(battery electric vehicle) vehicles, which is a clear sign that Perodua is delving deeper into the segment.

He said he is challenging vendors to take up this challenge, as for it to work, we have to have local parts manufacturers, which is vital to Perodua's operations.

2023 perodua ativa hybrid price specs malaysia

The feedback from 300 customers who have taken up the Ativa hybrid trial has been good, with no complaints in fact. 

"We will have a second catch-up with owners soon as it's a new business area that we want to launch and expand this year. We are developing the system now for the subscription programme," said Dato Zainal.

For now, at least it seems that Perodua will be launching a subscription programme by the end of this year, where more Ativa Hybrids will be made available to the people.


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