Most Affordable Cars You Can Buy In Malaysia

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Most Affordable Cars You Can Buy In Malaysia

People often ask, what is the cheapest car you can buy on Carlist? Well technically, the cheapest vehicle you can get on Carlist is a 1996, RM1,300, Nissan Sunny. That vehicle, however, is more like a project car rather than a daily driver, so the question really needs to be changed to, "What are the most affordable cars on Carlist?"

Affordable could mean many things to many different people so for the purposes of this article affordable to us means that we want a reliable and easy to maintain vehicle, for the least amount of money possible without needing a bank loan. 

A 10-year-old car for under RM10k should be able to do the trick, so here is our list of "The most affordable cars on Carlist".

Proton Saga BLM

For under RM10k, you could purchase one of the best cars to ever come out of Proton. Except for the normal Proton kinks like power window switch problems and engine oil leak due to perished valve cover gasket, this car is pretty much bulletproof. The 1.3-litre high revving Campro engine really needs to be worked to get any ounce of power out of the car, so don't expect it to propel you forward like a race car. The handling however is excellent, so you might be tempted to give it a run on the B-roads. But all in all, if you're looking for that daily driver car with not so many things to worry about, the BLM is an option. Did we mention the AC is top-notch in this car? Prices for these cars start at RM6.5k.

Kia Spectra

Apart from extensive wind noise and a poor paint job, the Kia Spectra could be a great choice for someone who just wants to be different. The drivetrain is quite reliable, but the fuel economy isn't as good as the other cars on this list. The best thing the Spectra has got going for it is its interior space so look for one that has an immaculate interior so that you can enjoy that space. Many used models still do. The overall reliability of the car is a bit hit and miss, so maybe bring a mechanic with you to inspect the car before purchase. Prices for the Spectra start at RM6.8k

Perodua Viva

If you're lazy to do anything to a car, or buy a car for someone who doesn't really know much about maintaining cars, the Perodua Viva is your go-to car. Fuel consumption is awesome and owners never really complain about the lack of power coming out of the 1.0-litre engine. It is said that the Viva is a much better car than the Perodua Kancil, in terms of build quality and driving experience. Due to its weight, the car can usually rocket off the line at the trafiic lights, not that we're are recommending you do so. The car is a tin can, so if you want a vehicle with stronger metal, you should look at the other options. Prices for these cars start at RM5.8k

And there you have it, three solid recommendations for the most affordable cars on With the economy taking a hit due to COVID-19, maybe you or someone you know might be on the market for a cheap daily runner. 






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