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MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 officiated by PMX - free rides until March 31st

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MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 officiated by PMX - free rides until March 31st

Phase 2 of the MRT Putrajaya Line has been opened following roughly 9 months of operational testing while the earlier completed Phase One had been running smoothly but seeing only mild passenger numbers.

A lot of us have been patiently awaiting this as it’s the second part of the Putrajaya line that comprised the bulk of stations within high density and high interest areas, such as within Kuala Lumpur city and Putrajaya itself, including a transit point onto the KLIA Express.

MRT Servicing Centre - Prasarana

At the officiation where Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Transport Minister Anthony Loke were in attendance, the former announced that all rides on the new light rail service would be free of charge until 11:59pm on March 31st.

This will commence from 3pm today where MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 will be fully open to the public, so get planning on how to make the most of your journey if you’re heading to any of the areas the new route passes by.

MRT Putrajaya Line Phase 2 Preview

Phase 2 completes the Putrajaya Line’s total of 36 stations, of which 17 will have park-and-ride facilities. This brings the grand total to 6,416 parking bays now open and available to commuters with stations Sungai Buloh and Putrajaya boasting a respective 1,236 and 1,000 bays respectively.

According to service operator Prasarana Berhad, the line will be serviced by 49 fully autonomously controlled trains between 6am and midnight with each one able to transport a maximum of 1,200 passengers. Frequency will vary between 7-10 minutes during off-peak hours and as little as 4-6 minutes during peak periods on weekdays.

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