MyRapid Releases Stern Warning Towards False News Spreading

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MyRapid Releases Stern Warning Towards False News Spreading

Following this morning’s inaccurate reports that an overhead flyover, or LRT line had collapsed near the SOGO KL shopping complex, Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd has released a stern warning to those who spread false and unverified news.

As we showed you this morning, the incident at SOGO KL was in fact a car accident involving two vehicles from opposing lanes, despite the many early and unfounded claims made by several social media sites.

*VIDEO: CCTV Footage Captures Violent Crash Near SOGO KL

Rapid Rail spokesperson, Lim Jin Aun said that, “These irresponsible acts cause unnecessary panic for LRT users who depend on this service, but receive false news via Facebook and Twitter.”

Given the angle of the initial photos this morning, we understand why it would be easy to assume an LRT line or flyover had collapsed, but a little bit more research into the matter showed the true story.

Remember folks, be wary of what you share or assume on social media!

Chris Aaron

Chris Aaron

Chris finds equal pleasures in reviewing fast cars as much as the everyday workhorses. He maintains a passion for European makes, Formula 1, playing the electric guitar and spending endless hours on the PlayStation; first-person shooters and the Gran Turismo franchise remain favourites. He also finds it strange to have written this in the third person.


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