Naza-Brabus Introduces Startech Conversion Kit For The Range Rover Evoque

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Naza-Brabus Introduces Startech Conversion Kit For The Range Rover Evoque

Naza-Brabus, authorised distributor of Brabus vehicles in Malaysia, has officially introduced the Startech customisation kit for the Range Rover Evoque. Startech is a sister brand of Brabus, a world renowned tuning outfit famously known for churning out mega-fast Mercedes-Benzes.

Through Startech, Brabus applies their knowledge of performance and aesthetic tuning to British brands such as Jaguar, Bentley and Range Rover. The Startech kit offered for the Evoque consists of a complete makeover of the key visual aspects of the Evoque, through a redesigned front and rear bumper, paint highlights and rally car-style rear wing. 

Also seen here is the addition of the company’s 20-inch Monostar R alloy wheels – also available in 21- and 22-inch sizes. The wheel and tyre packages can be tuned in tandem with Startech sports springs which lower the car by another 35mm. 
The shortlist of the Range Rover Evoque conversion kit is as follows:

  • Front Bumper: RM12,395
  • Rear Bumper: RM15,534
  • Rear Spoiler: RM3,846
  • Monostar R (20 x 8.5D) Alloy Rims: RM14,463
  • Body Paint: RM1,950
  • Continental ContiCross (245/45/20): RM5,936
  • Exhaust Repair: RM130
  • Range Rover Logos: RM236
  • Labour: RM2100
  • Total: RM56,591

Naza-Brabus also retail ECU tuning kits for the Evoque SD4 diesel variants, with tuning kits for the Si4 petrol variants in the pipeline. Parts are fully imported from Germany and installation is handled by the Brabus Performance Centre in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. All Startech accessory kits purchased officially come replete with a 3 year/100,000km warranty.

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