New Lexus RX Makes World Debut

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New Lexus RX Makes World Debut

Much like the BMW X5 that was launched here just yesterday, the Lexus RX has been a very important part of the Lexus model range - arguably just as much as their flagship models. The luxury SUV has been the mainstay of upper-middle class Asian families the world over, as well as being a staple SUV for Western markets. Growing in size and sophistication with every generation, this latest facelift of the Lexus RX brings with it the latest iteration of the Lexus Safety System among other improvements.

Styling hasn't taken a radical departure from what we know of the model, with a couple of minor trim differences and revisions to the bumpers front and rear. The width is more emphasized with this facelift to provide a sense of stability, while more slender headlamps provide a sharper look. On the whole the Lexus RX isn't a car designed to be the last word in style, but as a luxury SUV within its segment it is certainly the most striking of the group.

On the inside, the changes are minor as well. From a tech standpoint, there is now better connectivity with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Baidu CarLife, as well as both touchscreen and touchpad options. The second row of seats can be had in either a traditional bench form or captain seats, the latter of which adds a level of exclusivity. The third row can be moved fore or aft to change the amount of legroom when necessary. 

Ride comfort has always been a priority with these vehicles, at times taking a back seat to handling, but in this day and age the two go hand in hand. Laser screw spot welding is employed extensively throughout the vehicle along with high strength adhesives and stiffer stabilizer bars, resulting in a stiffer, more rigid chassis that's more responsive to inputs. Active Cornering Assist helps to suppress understeer mid-corner, while the absorbers get a Friction Control Device that minimizes high frequency vibrations from the road.

Following on from their introduction of LED headlamps back when they weren't a thing yet, Lexus is stepping up with their BladeScan Type Adaptive High Beam System. A mirrored blade controls the projection of light from an LED source and it precisely distributes light in such a way that highlights hazards such as pedestrians or avoid blinding oncoming drivers. On the active safety systems side of things, the Lexus Safety System+ includes a pre-collision system using an in-vehicle camera and millimetre wave radar, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist, as well as Road Sign Assist.

There's no word on when the model will be hitting our shores, although we imagine it won't be too far away. Lexus models have been highly underrated in our market, partly due to difficult pricing, but the combination of reliability and competitive specifications, along with high levels of luxury, make them excellent all-round packages.

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