Mercedes Benz CLE: Another Day Another New Mercedes Model

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Mercedes Benz CLE: Another Day Another New Mercedes Model

Just two days after T-Class was announced, another new model called the CLE is also coming

Mercedes Benz must be feeling bored/brave at the moment because it feels like every other day, Mercedes is bringing out a new nameplate for a new type of vehicle class.

Just as you think they have made every possible vehicle, from hatchbacks to coupe SUVs, to coupe 4 doors to huge SUVs with coupe-like bodies, they announce another vehicle class to slot in between some of their other models.

Mercedes Benz CLE

The newest Class to come out of Mercedes will be called the CLE, and apparently, it will slot in between the Mercedes C-Class and E-Class.

Traditionally, all CL models from Mercedes Benz usually come with a coupe-like silhouette, especially with that sloping roofline, and according to reports, the CLE will be sold in a few different body shapes, including a coupe, convertible and surprisingly, a shooting brake wagon body style - sounds nice that last one. 

Mercedes body styles

The CLE is also reportedly made to replace some of Mercedes' iconic cars which include the C-Class coupe, C-Class Cabriolet, E-Class Coupe and E-Class convertible models. 

It has also been said that Mercedes Benz will debut a new engine along with the CLE and as exciting as this sounds, we just can't see Mercedes Benz Malaysia equipping the Malaysian CLE with that four-pot turbo-diesel mild-hybrid engine. Instead, the CLE will most probably come with Mercedes' familiar 4 and 6 cylinder turbocharged engines, with the V8 specially saved for the beastly AMG models. 

MRA platform

The Mercedes CLE will also most probably be built on Mercedes' MRA platform and can be configured with either an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The MRA platformed debuted with the W205 C-Class in 2014.

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