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Nissan Unveils Dog-Friendly X-Trail For Europe

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Nissan Unveils Dog-Friendly X-Trail For Europe

Nissan Europe has unveiled the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs, a unique version of its popular mid-sized SUV outfitted with a variety of dog-friendly features catered for the needs of families that are close with their four-legged friends.

Compared to the regular T32 Nissan X-Trail, the X-Trail 4Dogs is a five-seater with its cargo area transformed into a 445-litre space dedicated to accommodate most canines. The entire space is upholstered in premium wipe-clean leather.

A 360-degree shower and dryer allows owners to wash and dry their dogs after a long, muddy walk. The dog can then conveniently walk into the vehicle using a pull-out sliding ramp. These features are housed inside pull-out utility drawers.

When in transit, the dog rests on a luxurious bed and is securely fastened by a clip-on harness hook. Along the way, an integrated drying system blows warm air into the area.

Dogs also have easy access to food and drink via the smart dog treat dispenser and a no-spill water bowl.

Specifically for the X-Trail 4Dogs, its NissanConnect infotainment system (not available in Malaysia) incorporates a ‘dog-cam’, which effectively provides a video conference of sorts between the front-seated occupants and the dog at the back – a 10-inch LCD screen in the boot enables the dog to see its owner and an audio link allows the owner to talk to the animal.

Lastly, for occasions when the family is travelling without their dog, the bed, water bowl, and treat dispenser can all be removed – turning the space back into a cargo hold. Access to the spare wheel has also been considered.

Gallery: Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs

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