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No Water In Klang Valley: How To Wash Your Car?


No Water In Klang Valley: How To Wash Your Car?

If you're living in an area without water coming through your taps, then when water does start trickling in, please lah don't run to wash your car first. There are other priorities! 

If you're in one of the areas listed below then we feel you and feel for you. At least four members of our team are smelling a little worse for wear today. 

Water disruption Klang Valley

Graphic credit to Air Selangor Facebook

This is the third time that we have had to face water shortage since this whole annoying pandemic hit Malaysia. We can't perform our basic daily necessities like, sanitization, cooking as well as keeping our body and shelter clean, and we've had to weather all of this on top of the pandemic that is seeing rising cases every day. 

Who do we raise our collective voices to? Who do we need to vote out? Where do we complain? 

Because at this juncture it's become downright silly and unacceptable. 

If we can't guard the sanctity of our water resources, how vulnerable are we to ancaman luar?

The water supply system in the Klang Valley is solely dependent on one company. Monopolies are usually not allowed in developed countries, but in a developing nation like Malaysia, monopolies are a usual occurrence, which creates the usual monopolized market problems.

According to some opinions, since they do not have competition, they are not as efficient as they can be. The incompetence goes from the top to the bottom of the company.

To add to this unethical way of providing goods or services, the level of corruption in this country adds to the problem. Apparently, the water shortages are due to the contamination of the system, and this pollution of the system is caused by small factories that are built near the water source. This should not be allowed but how is it that the building permits of these factories get stamped for approval?

Dirty Car

But we digress, what about those of you who have to wash your car every morning of every day, well not you actually but your maids or the car wash wallah on his bicycle. How now? 

Lucky for you and me, I have a colleague who's a stickler for keeping his car clean and because he lives in a condo he's had to be crafty with the way he washes his car.  

Rinseless Wash

He uses a product called Rinseless Wash Revolution, it's basically like a normal wash process but minus the usual rinsing. It involves mixing a highly concentrated product with (usually) just half a bucket of water as your wash solution. 

The rinseless wash product once diluted with the correct ratio of water, both lubricates the paint surface as you wash and neutralizes the dirt/grease/grime that's on the surface, then allows it to flow down off the car onto the ground.

You can read more about it here and no this is not a paid advertorial, consider this our tip of the day to you our loyal readers on how to keep your cars clean through this water cut. Maybe if you like it and this picks up, we might all be able to contribute towards lowering our water footprint. 

Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

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