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Now You Can Be Like A Dato’ - Offering the very best Toyota Vellfires, Alphards from TC Autohub

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Now You Can Be Like A Dato’ - Offering the very best Toyota Vellfires, Alphards from TC Autohub

There are few cars as recognisable as Toyota’s iconic duo - the Vellfire and Alphard - that they are almost synonymous with the luxury MPV segment.

These Japanese imported models are known for their sublime ride comfort and mile-munching highway cruises, especially so with their now-famed expansive and very plush second row ‘captain seats’ that are so commonly emulated.

Karrus Private Garage - TC Auto Hub

Finding a prime example of this super high-grade ultra-low mileage Alphard or Vellfire 2.5 model, however, can be a little tricky, especially when they are no longer officially available from the authorised distributor.

All is not lost though if you are looking for any one of these genre-defining Toyota MPVs with the highest grade and the lowest mileage available.

TC Autohub is the latest automotive portal that lets you select from an extensive inventory of Alphards and Vellfires, along with individual mileage, specifications and features from the comfort of your home. Best of all, you can arrange for a viewing appointment the next day.

Working with exclusive partner Karrus Private Garage, TC Autohub sources only the finest examples of Alphards and Vellfires from Japan for their consideration.

Karrus Private Garage - TC Auto Hub

Each vehicle will need to have an auction house grading of 4.5 and above in order to be shortlisted, ensuring that you get the very best units that Japan has to offer.

TC Autohub will soon be extending their product portfolio to offer Certified Pre-owned Subaru vehicles that come complete with extended warranty as well as an extensive range of used cars across their vast network of dealers nationwide.

Karrus Private Garage - TC Auto Hub

TC Autohub is part of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) listed Tan Chong International (TCIL) group of companies. With Tan Chong international group wide coverage across 10 countries in Asia, including Japan, TC Autohub is able to tap into the group’s collective resources to provide partners and customers the utmost support and assurance in terms of quality control right from the source to pre-delivery.

Visit for the very best recon vehicles available today.

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