Parents, Especially Fathers, Are The Most Distracted Drivers in Asia Pacific Region

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Parents, Especially Fathers, Are The Most Distracted Drivers in Asia Pacific Region

Parents often worry about screen addiction for their children, yet the data shows that it is the adults who are finding it hard to disconnect.

According to a recent survey by Ford on drivers across Asia Pacific, parents are the most distracted group of drivers on the road.

Conducted to provide data to help further understand distracted driving behavior and attitudes, the survey, which coincides with the expansion of Ford’s corporate social responsibility program, says that 43 percent of parents reported experiencing a distracted driving incident compared to 40 percent of people without children.

Out of the total, fathers were most likely to use their mobile phones while driving – making/ receiving calls, texting, using social media or watching something, compared to the mothers who were distracted mainly by other occupants.

So, in an effort to prevent this, Ford is expanding its Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program in Asia Pacific from nine to 11 markets and will add an increased focus on distracted driving. 

Now in its tenth year, DSFL has offered free driver training classes for people across Asia Pacific, including young drivers, expected mothers, Uber drivers and farmers. This year, it will expand to cover 11 Asia Pacific markets, compared to nine in 2016, and will add more of a focus on distracted driving to its training material.

Ford is also launching a public awareness campaign to educate its Asia Pacific employees, customers and the general public about the dangers of distracted driving and pledge to park their phone and connect with life. 

This is of course, on top of the brand's features in its cars that minimize distractions from mobile phones. For instance, there is the SYNC 3 - the automaker’s innovative in-car connectivity system which allows drivers to use their voice to make a call, hear a text, listen to music and activate apps - all while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

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