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Perodua Enrols Its First Candidates In MARii's Vehicle Inspection Management System Course

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Perodua Enrols Its First Candidates In MARii's Vehicle Inspection Management System Course

When it comes to buying a second hand car, often times it feels like you're being short changed or there's a lot of guesswork that you need to do to figure out what potential problems you'll be facing, or the hidden costs. But one thing that has wowed enthusiasts the world over is the consistency in the grading system that the Japanese employ for their used cars at auction, which takes into account myriad details.

The system in question is developed and operated by Automobile Inspection System Inc, Japan (AIS), and they've brought it over to Malaysia in a joint venture with AucNation Sdn Bhd. But more important than that is the fact that AucNation is conducting courses at the Malaysian Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) to teach this system. Perodua has taken advantage of this and enrolled 40 of their valuators in the program.

The system is extensive and helps a great deal for customers looking to trade in their vehicles. Known as the Vehicle Inspection Management System, it comprises of two analyses: Visual and Diagnostic. The visual inspection looks at the exterior for defects, while the diagnostic analysis uses an on-board tool to check for fault codes or other engine or electronics based problems.

This goes in hand in hand with Perodua's opening of their Pre-Owned Vehicle showroom and business, as it ensures potential customers that they aren't going to be buying a lemon. “For Perodua, having certified valuators recognised by the government will fortify our Pre- Owned Vehicle (POV) business as our customers will be assured of international standards,” Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin said.

Perodua currently operates a pre-owned showroom in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, offering high quality used cars that come with warranty on engine and transmission (up to 18 months, depending on vehicle condition). 

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