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Perodua goes into overdrive, but there's still a waiting period

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Perodua goes into overdrive, but there's still a waiting period

Perodua has gone into overdrive to help meet the growing demand for their cars. Sadly however, even the ramp-up in production can't guarantee that all buyers will get their cars in time for this upcoming Hari Raya.

Perodua says its suppliers and dealers have gone into overdrive as the national carmaker's year-to-date production was up by 32.95% to 51,134 units from 38,460 units.

This ramp-up in production was necessary, as sales have also increased by 33% from 34,865 units to 46,385 units sold for the first two months of the year.

Perodua waiting period 2023

The increase in production, according to Perodua, is attributed to improved efficiency in terms of production, better financing facilities for Perodua dealers and more effective communications both within the ecosystem as well as with Perodua customers.

"While there are still ongoing challenges with the supply of semiconductor chips, double-digit growth in our production and sales, for this, we thank our partners for their dedication," Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato' Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.

We're pretty sure that Perodua is trying its hardest to push out cars even faster, but for now, there's still a waiting period, which might disappoint those who are hoping to get their car before Raya. 

Perodua showroom Malaysia

"As a result, the average waiting period as of 28 February is now between 2.5 months and 8 months. Of course, this timeframe is subject to the model, variant, and colour," Dato' Sri Zainal said.

"That being said, we apologise to our customers and thank them for their patience. We will try further to improve our production and registrations in the coming months," he said.

Dato' Sri Zainal added that Perodua would continue to improve its operations within the ecosystem as well as the delivery timing of its customers.

"The current focus now is labour stability, especially for the automotive suppliers to ensure that production can be improved," said Perodua's CEO

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