Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 - Casting A Bigger Web

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Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 - Casting A Bigger Web

Having introduced its Euro 5 compliant diesel fuel earlier in the year – Petronas now aims to grow its network of stations to serve more diesel users in Malaysia. The Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 is the company’s answer to a greener and more efficient future of diesel motoring.

Petronas’ Dynamic Diesel fuel now boasts improved chemistries with low sulphur content of just 10ppm, thus eliminating sulphur build up in the engine and ensures optimal long-term engine performance. Using Euro 5 also reduces harmful pollutants because exhaust after-treatment devices are also allowed to function more effectively reducing toxic gases that are released into the environment.

Petronas has also drawn great experience from motorsport, 2016 marks the fifth year of the Petronas-Iveco-De Rooy partnership. Through the partnership, Petronas has had the opportunity to study the performance of the Iveco Powerstar competition trucks and further refine the chemistry behind the Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 fuel.

Besides accelerating research and development of the fuel technology, the partnership has also garnered great success with the Petronas-Iveco-De Rooy taking top honours in the Dakar Rally in 2012 and 2016, and finishing in the runner-up position in 2014.

Transferring this fuel technology from the stages of Dakar to the road allows the following benefits:

  • Engine Protection – Helps clean and prevent further wear and tear by protecting critical injector parts and exhaust after treatment devices.
  • Restores Power – Regain engine performance, efficiency and reliability y cleaning modern diesel injectors.
  • Cleaner combustion – Easier starting, less engine noise and smoother acceleration through improved combustion resulting in improved drivability.

As of September 2016 – there are 15 Petronas service stations retailing Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 fuel:

  • Mutiara Damansara – W. Persekutuan
  • Taman Melati – W. Persekutuan
  • MRR2 Arah Kepong – W. Persekutuan
  • Sprint Highway – W. Persekutuan
  • Technology Park Malaysia 1 – Selangor
  • Besraya Arah Selatan (Solaris Serdang) – Selangor
  • Bentong R & R – Selangor
  • Federal Highway (KM12.3) – Arah Klang – Selangor
  • Federal Highway FAS – Selangor
  • NKVE Klang Bound – Selangor
  • USJ 20 – Selangor
  • NKVE Damansara – Selangor
  • Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang – Johor
  • Linkedua Arah Selatan – Johor

Three more stations will begin retailing Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 by end-October

  • Lingkaran Tengah 2 – W.Persekutuan
  • Silk Highway – Selangor
  • Mambau – N. Sembilan

Petronas plans to expand the availability of the Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 fuel to 50 stations by end-2016 which are strategically located along major highways entering and exiting Klang Valley. Petronas plans to grow its network progressively to meet the Government’s mandated target of every station retailing Euro 5 diesel fuel by 2020. 

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