Police Outriders For The Indonesian President Do Not Use Siren

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Police Outriders For The Indonesian President Do Not Use Siren

A couple of months back, we posted a piece regarding the Japanese Prime Minister's entourage, which gives us a good look at how polite they are.

This time around, a video surfaced on social media, showing us Indonesian President Jokowi's entourage.

From the beginning of the video, his bodyguards were briefed before they head off. They were reminded not to use their siren and not to close any roads. The idea is that they do not want to disturb the general public. On top of that, they were told to be courteous when going through traffic.

On the road, police outriders surround the President's car, but they do so without sirens blaring aloud. We also noticed that policemen in vehicles giving the thumbs up when passing through traffic. All of these without forcing their way through traffic, but rather politely navigating their way through traffic.

If that was not enough, reading through the comments also gave us an insight to the amount of respect the Indonesians have for their President.

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