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Proton Mulling Over Price Increase For 2016

Hans December 9, 2015 10:11

As the Ringgit continues to remain weak against other major currencies, Proton Holdings Berhad has announced that the company is considering to increase the prices of its cars come January 2016.

“We do feel the impact of the fallen Ringgit as many raw materials are purchased in foreign currency. The weaker Ringgit affects the company’s operation cost and the entire eco-system chain from the vendors to us. Hence, we are evaluating our price structure and the percentage of the price increase will depend on the models,” said Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, CEO of Proton.

Proton also added that where necessary, the company has already implemented measures to reduce its operational cost and rationalised its operations, but the weakening Ringgit continues to put pressure not just on Proton, but the industry as a whole.

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