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Purr-fect Christmas for some as the first batch of Ora Good Cats has arrived on our shores

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Purr-fect Christmas for some as the first batch of Ora Good Cats has arrived on our shores

It looks like it's going to be a great Christmas for some who have ordered the Ora Good Cat, as GWM has announced that the first batch of the smart EV has arrived on our shores.

Since its launch last month, GWM Malaysia said they had received positive feedback about its cutesy and stylistic EV, and they are happy to announce that the first batch of customers will most probably get their Ora Good Cats soon.

Attached with the announcement was a picture of the many Ora Good Cats, presumably at a stockyard in Malaysia, all waiting to be delivered to their rightful owner.

GWM's customers have fallen for the fully electric car because of what it brings to the table, an EV which has the right balance of price and features.

The Ora Good Cat is sold at a relatively affordable price, starting from RM139,800 for the 400 Pro and RM169,800 for the 500 Ultra. 

GWM Ora Good Cat launch Malaysia

The 400 Pro gives you 400km of driving range, while the 500 Ultra gives you 500km of driving range. Despite the two models being equipped with different-sized batteries, power is uniform across the range, featuring 143 PS and 210 Nm of torque, which helps it get from  0-100km/h time of 7.9 seconds.

Both cars also get the same attractive 4-in-1 "Purr-fect" package where ORA GOOD CAT buyers can enjoy a complimentary portable and home charger, a 5-year or up to 150,000 km warranty, an 8-year or up to 180,000 km battery warranty, and 5 times free service labour maintenance.

GWM Ora Good Cat award Malaysia The GWM Ora Good Cat was recently awarded “Most Anticipated Newcomer of the Year” for the Editors' Choice Awards, as it was recognised for its excellent value, futuristic style, impressive safety features and advanced technology.

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