Qoros Debuts Funky 2 PHEV SUV Concept In Auto Shanghai 2015

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Qoros Debuts Funky 2 PHEV SUV Concept In Auto Shanghai 2015

Qoros has launched a design concept SUV called the 2 PHEV SUV Concept that’s aimed at “trendy, creative young people” at the Shanghai Auto Show 2015 and it showcases an interesting direction for the fledging company’s future cars. 

This B-Segment SUV might not look like it, but it would actually be the company’s smallest vehicle if it makes it to production as, so far, its range revolves around “3” line of vehicles: the 3 Sedan, the 3 Hatch, and the 3 City SUV.

The 2 PHEV SUV hides its smaller dimensions through its longer-than-usual wheelbase, broad stance, and short overhangs that also give it a rather rugged look. It looks like it might be aimed as a competitor to the MINI Countryman. Its most distinctive design cues come from its vertically oriented head and tail lamps that are meant to preview a look that Qoros intends to spread to its other models.

The greenish-blue colour of the concept is inspired by “Ru Kiln” porcelain - valued for their small amount of iron oxide that produces this unique colour when flamed in the crafting process – while the red accents peppered along the car are influenced by Cinnabar, another mineral with a unique colour. The concept also features a panoramic glass roof that’s has opaque Chinese patterns drawn on it.

The plug-in hybrid powertrain that the 2 SUV is made up of a small-displacement turbocharged petrol engine that sends drive to the front wheels, while the rear wheels are served by two high-output electric motors through what Qoros calls an ERA or Electric Rear Axle drive system. Power is stored in batteries incorporated into the chassis floor.

Inside, the Qoros 2 has a minimalist design that’s punctuated by bold graphics and the entire cabin is dominated by white. It has a “floating” instrument cluster, a digital display for the Qoros Media Hub, and the entire cabin reflects the vertical design of the exterior.

Qoros, the Shaghai-based automaker that was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corporation. From what we can see from their current offerings and, now, its possible future ones, we’re impressed with their work.

Gallery: 2015 Qoros 2 PHEV SUV Concept Shanghai Auto Show

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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