Racing Accident Leaves National Rider Zamri Baba In Coma

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Racing Accident Leaves National Rider Zamri Baba In Coma

At the Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia on June 7, national rider Muhammad Zamri Baba was involved in an accident while racing and remains in a coma and in critical condition.

According to Bernama, the rider, who is part of the MuSASHi Boon Siew Honda Racing team, was competing in the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) 2015 SuperSports 600cc Race 1 when the accident occurred.

He was hit by another rider after crashing into the gravel bed during Round Two of the 2015 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship and was immediately brought to the hospital for medical attention.

“When Zamri Baba was brought to the hospital yesterday, he was unconscious and his condition worsened due to his severe head injuries,” said Dr Kamelia Faisal, Pertamedika Sentul City Hospital director, to Bernama. A team of doctors were monitoring the rider’s condition at the Intensive Care Unit.

Dr Kamelia continued by saying doctors would have to wait for Zamri Baba’s condition to stabilize before administering further treatment. X-rays showed that his liver and chest were affected as well, apart from head injuries. Under such conditions, the doctors said transferring him to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur is not advised.

The Boon Siew Honda Team released a statement saying the they would remain in Jakarta to assist with any logistical arrangements that could arise, such as possibly transporting the comatose rider to another medical facility upon release from Pertamedika Sentul City Hospital.

In addition, Zamri’s family had been flown to Indonesia by the team to be by his side. They have requested that the media respect their privacy. 

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