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Renault Readies For June 18 Launch Of Its First Pick-Up

Jim Kem June 9, 2015 12:13

French automaker Renault is lining up for the Buenos Aires, Argentina launch of the company’s first ever pick-up. June 18th will be the day this new vehicle will be introduced to the world. 

Coining the term “Sports Utility Pickup”, Renault isn’t saying much else about their newest creation, only that it builds on the success of the Duster, an SUV jointly developed by its Romanian subsidiary Dacia, and will also be “inheriting all the qualities behind the success…(of the Duster).”

As we can see from the teaser images. Other details include its double cab layout with four doors, five seats and a generous bed, and according to the automaker marks a real breakthrough in this territory. Curiously, the name Duster is also written on the roof rails as we've outlined in the picture below.

We’ll have to wait till the 18th to see if Renault has a winning hand up its sleeve. 

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