Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car – Driving Your Family From Home To Holiday With Autonomous Technology

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Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car – Driving Your Family From Home To Holiday With Autonomous Technology

Renault has now made a working demo of their latest SYMBIOZ concept car. Unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show as the SYMBIOZ Concept, this Renault is designed, engineered and built to be a vehicle with Autonomous Driving (AD) from ground up.   

The SYMBIOZ demo car road tests provide Renault with the opportunity to demonstrate in real-life conditions a car that is autonomous, electric and connected. With hands off the steering wheel, Renault believes car traveling will become a multi-sensory, personalized experience and becomes part of the personal ecosystem for driver and occupants.  

“You cannot re-imagine the future of mobility until you have been in the SYMBIOZ demo car. Our engineering and design teams have pushed into the next decade with an autonomous car that lets you experience a new kind of mobility. Electric and connected, this working concept car is designed from the outset to challenge old paradigms about getting from place to place. We are excited to show the world our vision – and to let them sample the future of Renault” said Groupe Renault Product Engineering Executive Vice President Gaspar Gascon Abellan.

The SYMBIOZ demo car is capable of reaching Level 4 Autonomous Driving (SAE International definition). In the High Automation architecture of Level 4, the driver is free from all dynamic driving tasks such as lane change, overtaking as well as merging and exiting highways. The SYMBIOZ demo car is capable of moving into a safe position if it cannot deal with an unexpected incident ahead. The exterior signature C-shaped front lights illuminate in blue when the autonomous drive mode is activated, notifying other drivers and pedestrians around.   

The SYMBIOZ demo car innovative exterior design perfectly matches Renault ‘French Design’ styling, it is sensual and warm with fluid lines and a dynamic stance. The sporty hatchback has a footprint that is similar to premium executive cars such as the G30 BMW 5 series, measuring 4.9 metres long and 1.92 metres wide. The long wheelbase of 3.07 metres allows for abundance of cabin space as well as locating the large battery pack below the cabin floor.  The car’s upper section boasts a vast glazed surface to allow ample light into the cabin and optimise outside visibility. Opacity of the glass can be customized according to personal preference.

The interior of the SYMBIOZ demo car can be described as living-room-style atmosphere, offering individual space for all four occupants. The front seats feature a ‘zero gravity’ seat position and can even swivel 10 degrees towards the inside of the car to allow for better conversation. The rear occupants benefit for greater privacy through an alcove design and concealed rear window.  To illustrate the extreme of “mind-off” driving, a virtual reality experience designed by video game publisher Ubisoft allows the driver or occupants to put on the VR headset while travelling to their destination.

Thanks to a full suite of onboard connectivity systems (Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS), occupants can access their digital environment, media and services just like at home or in the office. Being always connected to their home, users can check the home’s CCTV cameras and access to the settings of the domestic appliances. Connection to the road infrastructure monitoring traffic congestion as well as warning of hazards and accidents allows the SYMBIOZ demo car to ‘know’ the journey ahead, planning for a safer and more relaxing drive for occupants.

We definitely like the idea of having the SYMBIOZ driving itself on the North South Highway during festive season ‘balik kampung’ exodus while occupants relax on the Lounge seats, watching the cats back home through CCTV and taking a few selfies along the journey.  

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