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Report: Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf Mk 8 Coming In 2019

Chris Aaron July 28, 2015 11:50

A new report by reliable German website, autobild.de, suggests that the all-new Volkswagen Golf Mk 8 will roll into production come 2019. More interestingly, the hot GTI version that could come in tow, will feature up to three power variants – one more than the currently-available two.

The German news site also stated that come the grand Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2016) in January 2016, Volkswagen will also be showing a design study of the future Golf Mk 8, so be sure to keep all eyes open for that.

On the matter of the all-new Golf GTI variant, we hear that up to three power variants of the car could be offered: a GTI Classic (265hp) a GTI Performance (300hp) and a GTI Club Sport (326hp). Where the hottest R is concerned, “more than 400hp is possible,” says the website.

But before any of this happens, you should also know that Volkswagen is believed to be readying a facelifted version of the Golf Mk 7, which will make a global appearance sometime next year (2016). Minor changes have been reported, including some light exterior updates, but a heft of new safety tech from the brand is expected to be thrown into the sporty hatch – not forgetting the list of gesture controls as well.

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