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Shell Malaysia To Launch Road Safety Education Programme Next Year

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Shell Malaysia To Launch Road Safety Education Programme Next Year

Shell Malaysia announced its plans to launch a new road safety programme for 2016. The company made the announcement during the closing ceremony of its Shell Traffic Games event, in which over 500 primary and secondary school students were given a formal education on road safety in by way of engaging and fun activities over the two day event. 

Qamar Wan-Noor, Business Opportunity Manager for Shell Malaysia’s downstream division, said, “We are very proud of what we have achieved with the Shell Traffic Games for the past 58 years. Shell has made inroads into helping school students understand the importance of road safety and the role they play in spreading awareness. With this strong foundation in place, Shell is now looking into other areas where we can help improve road safety consciousness, reducing traffic-related injuries and death.”

Elaborating further, Qamar said, “It was recently reported that youths between the ages of 16 and 25 contribute to one-third of road accident fatalities in the country. This is clearly a situation that Shell wants to positively impact, given our long-standing experience and concern in the area of road safety management. We are in the midst of developing a programme to address this and hope to announce it in 2016. We are also looking forward to building on our long-standing relationships with its partners in the government and private sector for the new programme.”  

Puan Rozainum binti Ahmad, Co-curriculum and Arts Section Director of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, said, “Shell has laid a strong foundation for a programme that continues to draw the interest and attention of school students in an area as important as road safety. We thank Shell for all these decades of partnership and look forward to inculcating road-safety consciousness in future generations.”

The Shell Traffic Games was launched in 1957 - yeah, it’s got some serious history - in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Road Safety Department of Malaysia and is held every year in most state capitals. Since its inception, over a million students have taken part and gained more knowledge on keeping safe while on the roads, regardless of vehicle, helping to equip a of safety-conscious Malaysians. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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