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Singaporean Man Selling Off Rented Vehicles In Malaysia Jailed

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Singaporean Man Selling Off Rented Vehicles In Malaysia Jailed

A Singaporean man has just been sentenced to 32 months in jail for selling rental vehicles he acquired from his homeland to Malaysian buyers.

Lai Kah Goon, a 50-year old man who reportedly was with intention to clear off some personal debt, worked together with three others, pulled off the feat on four separate occasions with cars valued between RM195k to RM334k, between the early weeks of December 2014 – reports The Malay Mail.

The man was later apprehended in China for drug-related crimes, and was deported back to his native Singapore, where the authorities took him in.

With the help of his accomplices, Lai had rented vehicles from two different car rental companies in Singapore, and passed them on to one accomplice who would drive it into Malaysia, while another two based here, would help sell the vehicles off. For his effort, Lai received up to RM14k per sale of a vehicle.

Singaporean authorities were made aware of the activities when the two rental companies had filed police reports against Lai. His 32-month imprisonment could have been extended further (up to seven years, it is reported), but for a remorseful judge and the fact that he had pleaded guilty from the start.

A gentle reminder to buy cars the safe way

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last we at hear about a car sale gone wrong. Between armed robberies to steal a car at a supposed meet with a potential buyer, to outright scams such as these, car buyers and sellers alike face the difficult task of an honest sale and purchase.

That’s why we have the sort of dedicated operations team we do here to filter out the bad leads from the good.

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