Spyshots: BMW X2 Undergoing Testing


BMW’s controversial front transverse-mounted engine UKL platform is set to spawn yet another model, the all-new X2, as confirmed by BMWBlog.com, which also published spyshots of the vehicle undergoing testing.

Much like how the bigger X4 and X6 are positioned as coupe derivatives of the X3 and X5 respectively, the X2 will be the sportier foil of the entry-level X1.

An earlier report from the same website also indicates that the X2 will be making its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show later this year in concept form.

The production model is geared for a 2017 launch, and if BMW’s practice with the X4 and X6 are any indication, expect to see the higher-powered versions of the X1’s engines to feature in the X2.

Globally, BMW’s engine catalogue for the X1 features the 1.5-litre 3-cylinder and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder B-series modular petrol and diesel powerplants in various states of tune. 

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