Strong Winds On Penang Bridge Causes Chaos For Motorcyclists

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Strong Winds On Penang Bridge Causes Chaos For Motorcyclists

A number of motorcyclists had to stop their vehicles on the shoulder of the Penang Bridge, following heavy rain and strong winds.

Road users caught the incident on video while passing through the bridge. The video also shows that the sea was rough and that all other vehicles on the bridge were moving slowly.

Penang Bridge strong windsState Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee Chairman Phee Boon Poh confirmed the incident that was seen on the viral video.

"Strong winds make it difficult for motorcyclists to ride on the bridge. For safety, they had to stop on the shoulder of the road," he said.

Boon Poh also confirmed receiving information from the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) that there were almost 20 reports of fallen trees and structural damage due to rain and strong winds in Penang.

Siti Safiyah, who experienced the strong winds on the Penang bridge also shared her experience on Facebook.

"Three times I stopped my motorcycle on the bridge because I could not move after being pushed by strong winds," she said.

Strong winds are one of the most hazardous driving conditions a driver can face, especially when travelling at high speed. 

Malaysia Highway wind indicator

It is quite a startling moment when it feels as if there is an external force pushing your vehicle sideways, altering a straight path of travel. This is why there are wind direction indicators on some highways that can help give you a sense of how strong the wind is and what direction it is travelling in.

To minimise the chance of being caught out by strong winds, you should keep all of your attention on the road and other road users and look further up the road as it will give you time to anticipate dangerous areas and the impact of the unexpected strong winds. This is particularly important if it is raining, as visibility is compromised. 

Be safe on the roads! 


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