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Tesla Owners Love Their Cars So Much That They're Not Bothered About the Quality Issues

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Tesla Owners Love Their Cars So Much That They're Not Bothered About the Quality Issues

Global market research company J.D Power recently released a report on Tesla called “Tesla: Beyond the Hype”, which covers the brand’s quality issues based on multiple focus groups of Tesla owners and an in-depth evaluation of Tesla models against competitive vehicles.

And one of the main findings of the study is that common problems associated with the Tesla Model S and Model X have little influence on the overt affection owners have for these cars and the brand.

“Tesla owners see themselves as pioneers who enjoy being early adopters of new technology,” said Kathleen Rizk, director, global automotive consulting at J.D. Power.

“Spending $100,000 or more on a vehicle that has so many problems usually would have a dramatically negative effect on sales and brand perception. Right now, though, Tesla seems immune from such disenchanted customers.”

According to J.D Power, small sample sizes have prevented Tesla from appearing in the annual rankings in both the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) and the Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study.

This report, however, provides clients with directional data that gives greater insight to Tesla vehicle quality and owners’ emotional attachment.

However, the company also mentioned that it anticipates consumers who opt for Tesla’s next model, the Model 3, to be less forgiving of quality issues.

“When consumers buy a mass-market car priced around $35,000 that will be their primary mode of transportation, the degree of expectation will increase immensely,” Rizk said.

“We’ve seen that with other well-liked brands, whether or not it involves an electric vehicle.”

As for the Malaysian market, we have less than 10 Model S owners at the moment, and rumour has it that some of these cars are facing issues as well.

However, there has not been much “noise” about these issues, hence it is probably safe to say that Malaysian Tesla owners are also quite happy with their cars.


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