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That Was Such A Nice Car: Movie Car Scenes That Left Our Jaw Gaping


That Was Such A Nice Car: Movie Car Scenes That Left Our Jaw Gaping

A staple of most action films involve a car chase scene. Unfortunately, most of the time, they end up in a crash. Sometimes they're just your run of the mill cars, but when film directors decide to use exotic vehicles as part of their chase scene, we always shed a tear when it goes up in flames.

Although this was painful to write about, we thought we would look at some of the most excruciating crashes in movie history. Now, some crashes are just painful to watch because it seems uncomfortable for the drivers and occupants, but the crashes we're talking about is more like "poor car, can't believe they crashed it" type crashes. Many a toilet roll has been used in our research for this article and we all know what a commodity that is now days, but we sacrifice for you, our readers. 


Another day, another Vin Diesel action movie. He's used to building and destroying beautiful American and classic Japanese cars, so this time around we knew the inevitable was going to happen when he got into the uber-cool Porsche 356 Speedster. There must be only a handful of these beauties around, so seeing it turn into scrap metal was akin to Bon Jovi's lyrics 'shot to the heart'. We hope they used a copy prop car instead of a real one because that would be like destroying the Mona Lisa. 

Bad Boys 2

Markus and Mike are no strangers to destroying exotic cars because in Miami, police detectives have to look and act like drug dealers. They've killed a Shelby Cobra 427, Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Nova SS and many more gems. However, none of them was as painful as when Markus accidentally shot some bullets into Mike's Ferrari Maranello 575M. It was painful to watch because if you had a beautiful Maranello, and someone started to shoot bullets into it, we think you would have shot them. We would have! To see Mike's pain was difficult as Markus is Mike's bad boy for life and he could do nothing about it. A used 2004 Maranello 575M still cost nearly half a million ringgit, so you do the math on how much the repair bill would have come up to.

The Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne, or should we say Batman will do whatever it takes to complete a job. This-do-whatever-it -takes approach usually sees Batman destroying an array of gadgets, tricked out automobiles as well as flying machines to help him achieve his mission. Batman has all sorts of fictitious toys to help him out, so who cares when he destroys them because it is not relatable. But when Batman is not in his superhero form, he is just like any other wealthy person who owns expensive things. So when he had to sacrifice one of his wealthy cars for the greater good, we had to look away, because that car was a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. That car in Malaysia is worth anywhere from RM880k - 2.4Mk. If you had one, would you have done the same thing?


The Fate Of The Furious

There's no denying it, The Fast and Furious franchise has destroyed an uncountable amount of cars. Unlike Transformers that blew up 532 flood damaged cars, the FF franchise destroyed cars that were not meant for the graveyard. There are just too many to mention here, but we did find footage on YouTube by @650ib who visited the FF car graveyard. Holy smokes, there a lot of exotic cars in that graveyard. Because the movie had so many crash scenes that we would have missed 2/3 of it had we looked away, the YouTube footage did leave our jaws gaping.

A little piece of a car nerd dies when one of these beauties end up in the scrap yard, burnt to a crisp. But would entertainment be the same, how can one replace the adrenaline of a car chase on a silver screen? Would movies be the same without these sexy beasts blowing up to smithereens? We don't think so, it doesn't mean we have to like it though. 

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