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The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S Takes The Nurburgring SUV Record

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The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S Takes The Nurburgring SUV Record

Alright, we know that Nurburgring records are getting a little ridiculous these days with categories within categories, but this is a record that we can get behind. Sporty SUVs are fantastic machines, with the performance to scare slower supercars but the practicality and robustness to take on almost anything the road can throw at them without breaking their stride.

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S is about as sporty as they come with a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo up front, and with 510 PS and 700 Nm of torque delivered to all four wheels via the 4MATIC+ system, it has managed to take the Nurburgring lap record for the fastest series production SUV in the world. A lap time of 7 minutes and 49.369 seconds is incredibly impressive, and let's consider it's just 5.5 seconds slower than the Honda Civic Type R FK8 at 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds. 

What does that work out to in percentage terms? Just 1.2%, which over the course of a 22.8 kilometre lap can be attributed to differences as minute as track temperature or ambient temperature. Whatever it is, Mercedes-AMG will lay claim to this record unless Porsche or BMW decide to get in the game as well with the Cayenne Turbo S and X5M respectively. Watch AMG Development Engineer Markus Hofbauer wrestle this near-two-tonne SUV around the 'Ring in the video above. 

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